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I feel incredibly  fortunate to be supported by amazing brands that help me to be the strongest version of myself both in racing and training. Without them it wouldn't be possible for me to have the adventures I am lucky enough to experience. 

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Embarking on exhilarating trail adventures as a proud sponsored athlete for Salomon since 2022, every stride is a testament to the unwavering partnership between my journey and Salomon's top tier trail running gear. From conquering peaks, to navigating challenging landscapes, I am equipped with the pinnacle of performance technology, ensuring that every trail tells a story of resilience, speed, and the relentless pursuit of greatness in the world of trail running. 

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Becoming a Maurten-sponsored pro trail runner has meant fuelling my performances with the cutting-edge nutrition trusted by elite athletes. With Maurtens innovative hydrogel technology, I have experienced optimal energy delivery, enhanced endurance, and minimal stomach distress during my demanding trail runs and races. Being a part of the Maurten team has meant embracing a commitment to peak performance, backed by science and tailored to the unique challenges of trail running. 

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I met the BUFF team while racing OCC at UTMB in 2021. They are incredibly supportive people and have a "family" orientated business mentality, aiding me whenever possible to help grow me through my running and also through my business. Growing up in New Zealand means I am also very serious about minimising sun exposure, so pairing with BUFF makes a lot of sense! 


Being a sponsored athlete for Sidas has meant I can navigate rugged terrains with confidence and comfort thanks to the cutting-edge footwear designed to enhance performance. Every step is a testament to the seamless synergy between my passion for trail running and the innovative support provided by Sidas, pushing boundaries and conquering trails with unmatched resilience. 


I am a data person, and knowing that Coros is one of the most accurate watches tested is a huge bonus in trainings and racing. I mainly use the Coros Apex Pro watch while racing, but when adventuring I also use the Vertix 2. They're incredibly lightweight watches with such an insane battery life, combined with the accuracy, there isn't anything else to ask for!

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