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I was born and raised in New Zealand, but moved to Spain in 2016 to live with my partner who is a professional cyclist. Before that I studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biological Sciences, and worked in Aquaculture research in New Zealand for 3 years. I started my own fine art business when I moved to Spain (@caitlinfielder_fineart) and have grown this to become a very successful business in this time. Gaining comprehensive social media skills, specific sales knowledge and marketing skills along the way.

My introduction to running began a lot later in life. After training in boxing for 3 years during university and playing football I decided to change objectives, and I began running in 2015. I set my first goal on the 85 km ultra marathon in New Zealand called the Old Ghost run in 2015. But it wasn't until I moved to Spain and someone that offered to write me a weekly training plan that my running became more serious, since then my running has rapidly improved. In February of 2020 I had a major hip operation which took me out of running for 7 months, so I see 2021 as my first serious year in both training and racing. This first year of racing couldn't have been more exciting for me, travelling all over Europe to race the Golden Trail Series, and showing I could be competitive in races like OCC at UTMB on the world stage.


For me, I love the aspect of racing and pushing myself against others in the sport. But, I find the most satisfying part of the process the "behind the scenes" work and every day improvements. 





  • Performance index score = 774 (as of 01/22/2024)

  • world ranking percentage = 99.9%


  • index score = 778 (as of 01/22/2024)



- 2nd Zegama Aizkorri Marathon 

- 2nd Tarawera Ultramarathon 50km

- 4th overall female CCC UTMB

- 12th overall short course World Trail Running championships



- 18th overall female CCC UTMB

- 6th overall female Stranda Fjord Trail Race - 25km GTWS race

- 2nd overall female Mont Blanc Marathon 42km

- 1st female Trail Catllaras Klassmark 21km

- 11th overall female Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia GTWS race 42km


-11th female overall Golden Trail World Series finisher

- 10th overall female La Skyrhune GTWS race 20km

- 4th overall female Chiemgau GTWS race 42km

- 3rd overall female OCC UTMB 56km 

- 7th overall female Mont Blanc Marathon 38km

- 2nd overall, 1st female Tarawera Ultramarathon 50km 


 - 1st overall female Tarawera Ultramarathon 50km

2024 schedule.

Tarawera Ultramarathon 100k New Zealand

Zegama Aizkorri Marathon May

Mont Blanc Marathon June

OCC at UTMB August




UTMB® - CCC® Italy 98 km / 5950 m+13:50:02  1727 18th overall female finisher 

Stranda Fjord Trail Race - 25K Norway 26 km / 1810m 3:07:16  6th overall female finisher

Trail Catllaràs - Trail Catllaràs Spain 21km / 1470 m 2:18:40 1st overall female finisher

Marathon du Mont-Blanc - 42km du Mont-Blanc France 43 km / 2410m 4:20:21 2nd overall female finisher

Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia - XXI. Spain 42 km / 2560 m 4:45:42 11th overall female finisher


La Skyrhune - LA SKYRHUNE France 20 km / 1630m 2:27:21 48

Chiemgau Trail Run - Trail Run 42k Germany 42 km / 2690m 4:47:22 129 4th overall female finisher

UTMB® - OCC® Switzerland 55 km / 3480m 6:10:07 3rd overall female finisher

Marathon du Mont-Blanc - 42 Km du Mont-Blanc France 38 km / 2630m 4:18:047th overall female finisher

Trail Costa Brava - Trail Costa Brava Spain 22km / 880m 1:57:21 1st overall female finisher

Tarawera Ultramarathon - 50km New Zealand 51 km / 1680m 3:59:12 1st overall female finisher


Tarawera Ultramarathon - 50km New Zealand 51 km / 1990m 4:11:58 1st overall female finisher


CMG - Trail Spain 23 km / 1150m 2:16:25  2nd overall female finisher

UTMB® - OCC Switzerland 55 km / 3480m 6:33:43  6th overall female finisher

Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord - Marató dels cims Andorra 42 km / 3000m 1st overall female finisher

Trail Ulldeter - Trail Spain 24 km / 1450m 2:49:35 35 3rd overall female finisher

Trail Catllaràs - Trail Spain 23 km / 1480m 2:37:00 1st overall female finisher

Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race - 50 Km United States 46 km / 1250m 4:39:27 2nd overall female finisher


UTMB® - MCC Switzerland 38 km / 2410m 4:47:09  3rd overall female finisher

Trail Catllaràs - Trail Spain 27 km / 1590m 3:05:41 1st overall female finisher

Trail Cap de Creus - Trail Spain 22 km / 1320m 2:21:58 2nd overall female finisher

Trail Costa Brava - Trail Spain 21 km / 860m 2:05:15  2nd overall female finisher

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