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I am a self-taught contemporary portrait and figurative artist. In 2016 I took my work professional and now base myself out of Andorra. 

The majority of my work involves customising shoes, specifically road cycling shoes. This began and grew organically when I painted some of my partners road cycling shoes which he wore in the Tour de France in 2015, the shoes got more and more coverage and the enquiries started to flow from there. I was one of the first artists to begin this custom movement, and have been working in this business for over 6 years, creating over 500 pairs of custom shoes. Through this business and network I have also designed and sold limited edition bike frames, road cycling helmets, bike pumps, and designed road cycling kit. 

I am able to create truly unique one-off handpainted designs for the road cycling shoes. Literally shoes with a pari of art work that no-one else in the world has. Each pair of shoes is 100% handcrafted, and finished to the highest "factory-finish" like standard. 

A smaller portion of my work also lies in capturing the character and detail of subjects in commission based art work. This multi layered style of painting and drawing is a long process- with many hours of studio based time going into each piece. I works with the finest quality canvas on cedar stretches and the best professional artistic quality acrylic paint and graphite pencils.

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